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3 Tips to Create a Clickbait Content

Clickbait is no longer an unfamiliar term these days. It can be found anywhere on the internet, either on reputable websites, social media, or even someone’s personal blogs. It may form as the headline of writing, the writing itself, or even a video. It can also be varied in terms of quality, from extremely persuasive to severely annoying, yet still, all of us could not help but fall into its trap.

Modern marketers as well as journalists and writers use clickbait content to increase traffic to their website, improve public’s awareness regarding their brand, and also increase the number of their audiences. However, it is obviously challenging for them to create a successful clickbait content these days since many people are aware of it and they wouldn’t waste their time on that kind of elaborate ruse. So, in order to make a successful one, you need creativity with a little addition of these three tips below.

1. Write an Emotionally Impactful Headline or Title

Headline or title is the first thing that your audiences would spot. So, it needs to be very well-crafted. If you are one of those people who usually come across clickbait content while surfing through the internet, you must have recognized that most of its headlines are the exaggeration of its contents. Yes, we do accept exaggeration for the headline in order to evoke the audiences’ emotion, however, let’s also not make it too misleading from the content so that your audiences will not feel betrayed. At this point, all you need to play with is your words. You can make some potential headlines first, and then choose the most emotionally striking one.

2. Pick a Visually Unique and Inviting Picture

Picture appears along with the headline or title. It functions as a preview or thumbnail of your content. Normally, the picture represents what the content is about, however, in many clickbait cases, the pictures visualize the headlines. In other words, pictures compliment the headlines, both of them teams up to lure the clueless audiences. Yet, since we know that most of the current audiences are smart, you need to pick a picture that is less irrelevant to your content.

At this stage, you can be as creative as you can be, pick the most unique and attention-grabbing picture you want to use, there is actually no limitation but keep in mind that your picture must not be too far incongruent with your headlines and content.

3. Keep Yourself Updated on Trending Issues

Keeping yourself updated on hot news or viral issues is a plus. Wonder why?

Well, hear me out. The essential idea behind clickbait content is actually attention-seeking and viral issues are usually adored by people. So, as a content creator, it is a brilliant opportunity for you to use something that is highly treasured by many people as your content idea in order to successfully grab wider attention. You can tease them by mentioning the viral issues on your headline, the picture you use, or directly in your writing.

Now, you’ve got everything you need to create your first clickbait content successfully. However, be aware! Don’t have too much fun that you forget it has a side-effect! Remember, too much clickbait stuff will affect the reputation of your brand or website. The audiences will get fed up and eventually recognize your tactic. So, use it wisely!