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4 Ultimate Ways to Maximize Brand Awareness on TikTok

Make your day-TikTok a short video sharing platform currently being favored by the world community, especially in Indonesia. Contents that are very diverse, short, and interesting such as dance challenge, parody-comedy, singing to lip sync, made TikTok develop rapidly. Reporting from hootsuite.com, TikTok has been downloaded 1.65 billion times, installed 738 million times in 2019, and had 800 million active users in October 2019. Starting as an entertainment application for sharing videos, now TikTok can also promote a product or service! How? Find out below!

1. Follow the Trend is a Must

The first thing you have to do is always follow the trends that are currently popular in society. Trends on TikTok change quickly; therefore, users must immediately be aware of how to take advantage of the ongoing trends concerning their brand/company goals. For example, for a coffee shop, the "Dalgona Coffee" trend is a golden opportunity that can be taken advantage of, for example, by creating unique content on how their barista makes their special Dalgona menu!

2. Maximizing the Use of #Hashtag

Using the (#) is a powerful way to maximize your content to be easily found by other users. TikTok's video content relies heavily on hashtags. When you select the discover menu, the videos that appear are sorted by hashtag and popularity. The video that is made can then occur, then choose a more specific hashtag and become your signature on TikTok.

3. Collaboration with KOL

Building good relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) is something that the brand or company must do. KOL already has its loyal followers or fans where when we collaborate with them, it will be easier to convince target customers. Before choosing a KOL, you need to analyze the audience from that KOL. This is done to ensure whether the KOL audience matches your marketing target.

4. Posting Content Frequently

You must frequently post videos on TikTok. Those who visit usually see not only one video but several videos at once. The more videos uploaded, the more opportunities that audiences will become aware of your brand!

Well, is your brand ready to be noticed by the public? These various methods will be useful if done gradually and continuously. So, your brand will be becoming top-of-mind and precisely increase sales on the market!