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5 Fun Content Ideas to Improve Your Promotion on Social Media

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

When it comes to brand promotion, social media surely plays an important role in helping you to reach your goals. Through these platforms, promotion activities for a product or brand could be more effective. You can also reach out to more groups of people. However, promoting on social media is not merely about posting anything and sitting back down, there are some aspects to be considered.

Have you ever felt down when you have been actively promoted but still didn’t see any significant improvement? Then, maybe it’s time for you to enhance the quality of your content. If you wish your brand to be recognized by more people, you need to put extra effort into producing your content. Here are some ideas to create attractive content on social media which can help in improving your promotion.

1. Challenge

As the contents that appear on social media are getting more and more varied, challenge is one that never goes out of date. Each day, new challenges keep popping up then rise to become a trend. You can take advantage of it to grab people's attention on your promotion. Challenge is a good option since it can be done on any platform. All you have to do is find a trendy challenge that can be creatively associated with your brand promotion. You can get your co-workers, employees to join, have fun, and invite more people to join as well. Get the hype and gain bigger recognition of your content!

2. Quiz or Give Away

Who doesn’t love free products? Holding a quiz or giving away some tempting prizes is an idea to make your promotions more interesting. The types of content are also one of the most flexible contents that you can post on any social media platform so that they can reach larger people to join. You can set some questions or rules in the mechanism of winning them, including the emphasis on the knowledge about your products in it. That way, such content will not only provide free products to attract the audience but also has a significant impact on your promotion. This will help in raising the awareness of your brand and build closer engagement with your customers.

3. Reviews

When you are about to buy something, reviews of the product will likely be the first thing you are looking for. A review holds solid power in persuading one to purchase a product. The more reliable a review is, the more convince someone to buy it. For this reason, product review is a content idea that deserves your consideration. Trusted reviews can be obtained from your previous customers. You can collect them either in photos and videos. You can even make your proper review. As an example, if you run a food business, you can point the strength of your products over other brands, the ingredients you used in your products, and the opinion from people who have tried them. Create a high-quality review to let people know why your product is worth a try.

4. Contents with Pop-Culture Reference

Utilizing pop-culture references in the creation of your content can increase the value of your content. You can start by observing who your audience and targets are to look up for some trends that can relate to them. Furthermore, try to create a brand promotion inspired by popular clips from the latest movies, lyrics from the most played songs recently, or any other trends that are worth the hype. As a result, your content will be memorable to the audience.

5. Jingle

Is there any jingle from an ad that is still replaying in your head for a long time? If so, then that’s how a jingle contributes to improving your commercial. A jingle could make your content become more memorable. Even an annoying jingle won’t hurt you, as long as it's stuck in your audience’s mind. Once it grabs people’s attention, your brand will get more recognition. Still, it’s necessary to come up with catchy and creative lyrics to enrich the uniqueness of your jingle.