• Konekc PR

5 Newest Instagram Features You Must Know!

Being one of the most popular social media with roughly one billion monthly active users doesn’t make Instagram stop inventing innovation on their application. Here Konekc has summarized the newest Instagram feature you must know to enhance your experience with this photo-sharing social media service.

1. Live Room

Well, it’s Live, except that now you can live with up to three people so there’s four of you talking and discussing things. One more joyful news about this feature is that you can add the title of your Live Room too, so that your followers would know the theme of your Live. Instagram said on their official website that this feature is their way to support more creativities the Instagram’s users have. Now you can start a mini-talkshow or just simply hang out with more friends through this feature.

Building business on Instagram is easier with Live Room, Instagram said, because there are other features on Live Room, such as Shopping and Live Fundraisers to help your business or even non profit organizations to grow.

2. Vanish Mode

This feature only appears if two people follow each other on Instagram. Just like the name, you can go to Direct Message (DM) and choose to use Vanish Mode and all of the messages you have sent and received during the mode would vanish once you quit the DM. The feature is very suitable if you want to have a confidential kind of conversation with your friend, because being in Vanish Mode also makes you able to know if the friend you’re chatting with takes a screenshot of your conversation. Sounds cool, right?

3. Theme Chat

You might have already known this one. Now you can have a theme for your chat on Instagram’s Direct Message. You can choose the theme by opening a chat you want, choose Info option, and click the Theme option. If you only want to change the color of your bubble chat on DM, then it could be done through this process too. Tada! There are various themes and colors you can apply to your room chat to make it look more lively.

4. Recently Deleted

All of the deleted content you had on Instagram is now on Recently Deleted. You can access the folder by going to Settings - Account - Recently Deleted and choose either to restore or permanently delete it. What you must know is the period of ‘stay’ for each kind of content on this feature is different. The Instagram Stories you had only stayed for 24 hours on Recently Deleted and everything else would stay for 30 days.

5. Watch Together

Gossiping or discussing certain IGTV or Reels with your friends has never been this easy. Watch Together is the new feature that lets you and your friends tune into a lot of shows, IGTV, Reels and trending videos over video chat.

According to Instagram, to use this feature, you can start a video chat, tap the media button, and select the ‘TV & Movies’ tab. Or in a Messenger video chat, swipe up to access the menu, select Watch Together then select the ‘TV & Movies’ tab. From there you can select various content. Happy watching!