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5 Overlooked Advantages of Social Media Ads

As a brand owner, you exactly want your brand to be recognized nationally or even globally. You absolutely don’t want it to be known only by a small group of customers. You are always hungry for exposure. Hence, you decide to use social media as an advertising and marketing tool since you know that social media has no geographical barriers. Then, you start posting stuff on the platform you use and eventually realize that it also offers you an actual space to advertise. Boom! You begin to be confused. Deep down inside, you ask yourself “Isn’t posting stuffs already considered advertising here?”

Well, yes, the answer is yes. Sharing contents regarding your brand on social media is exactly already advertising. However, it’s not that simple. You need audiences to look at it and you won’t get a great number of audiences by simply posting stuff without other efforts. Thus, the ads feature is there to help you. It’s not free; hence, you often doubt how worth it is to spend your money on this feature? Is it really effective in gaining you audiences and potential customers?

So, while you are still questioning, let us make you sure by disclosing several of its overlooked advantages below.

1. Send Traffic to Your Social Media Page

Sometimes, most brand owners forget that there are actually a lot of perks of placing an ad on social media than only gaining new customers. One of them is traffic growth. Traffic here means the movement of social media users from or toward an account, in other words, the visitors.

So, why is traffic advantageous for your brand and how does ad help you increase it? Well, as said before, traffic is visitors; visitors are your potential audiences and leads. Hence, the high traffic you get the high chances for you to gain potential audiences and customers. The ads feature will help you increase the traffic by spreading your ads to wider audiences, as these audiences click on your profile through the ads, you get your traffic increased immediately.

2. Increase Reach

Reach refers to the number of unique users that stumble upon your post or content. Yes, a particular post that you probably have posted some time ago but suddenly get its views boosted. How can? Well, the ads feature.

Some social media do allow you to use your organic content as an ad. This concept is actually like re-sharing your post but to wider audiences. Hence, a lot of users get to see it and the number of its reach will then increase. Among all of them, there might be some who decide to visit your page, hence, you’ll get a combo here, reach and traffic as well. This advertising concept will also save your time since you don’t need to create a new particular content to post as the ad.

3. Meet Your Target Audience and Customers Easier

It may not be instant, but it’s easier. If you compare the outcome of social media ads to your organic social media activity, you will see how easier the ads feature finds the target audiences for you. Besides the wider area of exposure, this feature is also complimented by advanced targeting options which you can use to customize the audiences that will see the ads. You can even customize based on the interest, hence, your ads will only meet the users who are likely to be interested with your brand. This is one of the reasons why the ad feature makes the hunt for the target audiences and customers easier.

4. Encourage a Communication with Your Visitor

When your interesting and unique brand is teamed up with ads, you will meet curious visitors. They are intrigued to know more about the product. Hence, they start sending you messages, asking everything about it. At this point you have successfully engaged them in a conversation. It’s a step closer to the goal. However, remember! The ads help you in the first place. It may take time for you to meet that kind of visitor if you did not advertise.

5. Increase Purchase Through Online or Offline Store

Admit it, this is your grand intention of placing the ads right? To increase the number of customers who purchase. Don’t worry! You already know that the ads help you increase the number of traffic, reach, impressions, or even engagement; also, it helps you customize the ads to meet its targeted audiences. Therefore, your brand has gotten a better recognition. It’s impossible if some of the audiences wouldn’t do the purchase if they find the brand interesting.

So, with all of these advantages, it’s safe to say that social media ads are quite effective and creating one will be exactly worth the money. Now, it’s up to you whether to try or not to try.