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5 Secrets to Boost Your Brand Awareness

We hear brand awareness is the key everywhere, yet what is brand awareness usually remains unexamined. Brand awareness differs from brand recognition since it takes a further step of brand recognition. It is not only about your audiences and consumers’ ability to recognize your brand, but also the degree of their ability to recall your brand’s identity and product or service. It is one of the pivotal pillars of marketing that every brand should reach. The following question is how do we reach brand awareness? Here’s some steps you can follow to achieve brand awareness. Check it out!

1. Be present and active on social media

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is still hitting the world, people tend to do everything online and it’s the right time to be present and active on social media. Always do the research first about your target audience. Are they teenagers? Are they in their mid-thirties? The social media they use might differ, therefore you should find out what fits the audiences first before being able to choose which social media you would use the most and take the next further step.

2. A unique persona with a distinguishable tone of content is also a key.

Well, when we’re talking about tone, we’re not talking about the sound in a musical note, but the consistent way of delivering messages to the audiences and consumers. It’s not always about the tagline you choose in the advertisements, but also the signature you have in the content--the color, the shape-- you post and the way you reply to a comment from a follower on social media, the email orders, and basically any other format of communication with your audiences and consumers. Have you found a service or a product so distinguishable from their competitors that you go ‘ah, this must be them’? If you have found at least one, then their unique persona has successfully carried out the mission to do the brand awareness campaign so well. Being different doesn’t always mean bad, especially if it could make your brand look more outstanding than the others. In order to find the right persona with an impressive tone of voice, always make sure that it aligns with your brand’s vision & values, and the marketing target.

3. Do content marketing strategy

We live in the era where content is the king and it’s always a superb idea to do marketing through personalized-contents on social media. Tell a touching story about how your brand was built. Inform some trivia about the things related to your brand. For example, if you happen to sell homemade cookies, make a content about the difference between gluten flour and self-rising flour. Hard-selling is important, but doing soft-selling like content marketing is a very considerable choice, especially because once people are engaged with your contents, there's a higher chance that they’re curious about your products or service. One important note you should know about this strategy: be patient, because content marketing doesn’t bring instant results. But as Dory said in the Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming.

4. Involve influencer marketing

Choose your influencer carefully with conducting a research first. It doesn’t have to be a very deep one, but you should make sure at least this one crucial thing: the influencer persona aligns with your brand’s identity and marketing target so the message would be delivered well. For example, if you sell baby and toddler supplies, the ideal influencer you should reach is a mother who has impactful content on toddler’s parenting with followers who might be interested in your products.

5. Media Exposure

This step is important in order to have a long-term brand awareness. You have to build a strong connection with the journalists to make sure your brand would be coveraged well. One more fundamental note is that you should convey such a concise and compelling narrative so the media’s audiences would immediately recognize your brand’s presence.

Reaching brand-awareness is a never-ending journey, hence the steps we have discussed earlier should be continually done wholeheartedly with adequate calculation. If you still have questions about how you should manage your brand regarding its both brand recognition and brand awareness, do not hesitate to contact us anytime!