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5 Steps on How to Increase Your Instagram Story Views

Among all of the renowned social media, Instagram is one of the top 5 platforms used by many people nowadays, including business owners. In late 2019, Forbes stated that Instagram could be the most pivotal platform in the world of social media marketing. This is due to several reasons, including the great number of Instagram Stories produced by the users daily.

Yes, Instagram Stories. Who would have thought that a 24 hours snapshot feature could become a powerful marketing and branding tool? Over the last few years, old or even new emerging businesses, as well as influencers, are making the most of this feature. However, still, it is not that easy to gain a huge number of audiences, especially for the new business owners. So, what exactly can one do to increase the number of views? Let’s check out the 5 steps below.

1. Do a Thorough Research on Your Brand or Product and Audiences.

Along with Instagram Stories, comes Instagram Business Profile, this feature allows users to transform their account into a professional account. Several benefits that this feature offers are including Instagram Story Insight that provides data regarding your Instagram Story performance.

This feature will let you know how many people see your story and how many times your story is seen and repeated, how many people re-watch, reply, re-share, skip, and close it, and how many users eventually follow your account.

Through these tools, you are expected to not only see the numbers of the accounts that come across or interact with you but also anticipated to begin to recognize yourself and your business, thus you know what types of content you should produce that also best represents your business and effectively attracts audiences.

2. Plan and Design Engaging Story that Reflects the Personality of Your Brand or Product.

As you are already familiar with yourself, your product, your audiences, and what kind of content they prefer, you are good to go to the next step, i.e. plan and design.

Planning involves brainstorming, at this point, you need to keep in mind that your stories need to embody your brand personality, thus the result will not go misleading.

Designing requires creativity, here you need to let your unique and quirky visions work harder. But, worry not! Instagram will compliment your work with its story features. They will provide you stickers, filters, different kinds of effects, and also typing feature. Other than that, you can also use your location or hashtags to wider your audiences, this one is also important since many users are also following hashtags nowadays.

3. Create Interactive Instagram Story.

Sometimes, you shall consider creating interactive stories too. You can start by creating a poll, quiz, or countdown feature when you are launching new products. Then, you can continue with the question box. Other things you can do to create interaction is by mentioning or tagging other Instagram accounts, you can do this when you are doing a collaboration with other brands or influencers or replying to your customers’ stories.

Interactive Instagram Story will engage your current audiences more, Instagram algorithm will recognize their interactive behavior with you, this will make your story appear first on their list. Other than that, you also gain new viewers from other accounts that tagged or re-shared your story.

4. Post Your Instagram Story Persistently.

As the famous saying goes “Perseverance, secret of all triumph”.

Uploading your Instagram story persistently is one of the formulas to reach your desired number of viewers.


We know that stories are visible for 24 hours and if you keep uploading every day, your account will stay on the story list, this adds a lot of chances for you to be noticed by your followers. Once they stumble upon your creative and interesting stories, they will be intrigued to check them daily. In the end, again, Instagram algorithm will do the rest. At this point, you already gain new viewers from your own followers.

5.Make Use of Instagram Story Ads

This one is just the icing on the cake. You can make one or just skip it. However, if you decide to use ads, get ready to gain a lot more viewers since your stories will appear on random instagrammers throughout the nation. Story Ads can be easily created through ads manager on your setting.

So, those are the steps that you need to consider following in order to increase the viewers of your Instagram Story. It might seem a lot at first, but believe me! Once you get your viewers raised, it will be an addicting task.