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5 Tips on How to Survive During the Pandemic for Small Business

It’s been a while since the pandemic of COVID-19 virus hit most areas of the world, including Indonesia. Various aspects of our lives have been affected. For those of you who run a business, this is likely a big challenge. During the pandemic, both old and new businesses have sprung up struggling to survive. Moreover, for small business owners who have not yet settled, the outbreak of this pandemic may seem like an end.

Despite all the difficulties, it’s not impossible for your business to survive and keep growing. There are several ways you can follow to prevent your business from being eliminated in this precarious situation. Konekc has summarized some tips that could be useful for you below.

1. Implementing Health Protocol

What’s the most important thing for you to take care of during a pandemic? It's definitely your health. Health is the most important factor that must be maintained so that both you and your business can continue to run. When you are used to adjusting the health protocols, it won’t be difficult anymore. Also, make sure your business area has implemented it, especially for those who run a restaurant, food production, and other businesses that require people to come directly to the spot.

Additionally, you should always pay attention to product quality and hygiene factors. By doing all of this properly, you can gain your customers’ trust to keep coming to your place. When you can run a business while being able to prevent the spread of the virus, your business will be safe.

2. Digitize your business

By proceeding to digital marketing, you may easily adapt to the pandemic situation. Learning more about marketing and sales strategies through digital platforms to help your business noticed by people. There are many options you can make use of, such as websites, social media, e-banking, and others to stay connected with the public. Find which digital marketing suits your business, stick to it, and actively promote.

In the midst of a pandemic situation, many restrictions are imposed that can affect the running of your business. But don't be stressed out. By switching to digital, it’ll be easier for people to reach you so that your business will be able to maintain its existence.

3. Switch to e-commerce or marketplace

This is one way to support your business affairs in the midst of a pandemic. Due to mobility restrictions, many people move to use e-commerce features to fulfil their needs. You can use this to prevent your business from collapsing. If your business was only operated in an offline store, now try to provide your products in well-known e-commerce or marketplaces or wherever you feel is suitable. That way, even if the number of visitors to your offline store decreases, your products can still be obtained from anywhere. As a result, you can maintain your sales rate.

4. Use delivery service to increase efficiency

Delivery service is a good choice in a pandemic situation. Due to the lack of public mobility, many people need this service. For food business owners in particular, delivery services can increase efficiency. By ordering from home, the customers can still enjoy the foods from your restaurant, resulting your sales rate to be stable. But this surely is not only for the food business, it’s valid for any other kinds of business. You can sort and manage which products to be completed with the delivery feature to reach more people.

5. Take advantage of MSME training to enhance your performance

The emergence of a pandemic situation is somehow unexpected to some business owners. There may not be much preparation to deal with such a situation. Therefore, you will need some knowledge and information on how to maintain your business. In this case, you can deepen your knowledge about related things by participating in MSME training. Many institutions including government institutions, financial institutions, and others provide training for MSME owners to encourage economic recovery. Through this training you can obtain various information such as the current market state, improving administrative and business management skills, and so on. Start looking for information about upcoming training and join in. With the knowledge and skills you gain from there, you’ll know how to deal with a pandemic.

Well, those are tips that you can emulate to keep your business up during the pandemic. Despite many obstacles, that doesn't mean your business will fall. You can still get up and run it as always.