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Branding 101: Things You Should Know to Run Your Company

What pops inside your head when you hear the word branding? Here Konekc gives you several insights on how to start branding for your company. Check it out!

1. It’s not about the product, it’s about how you feel about the product

Winning consumer’s feelings is the utmost goal of branding. You can look around a few brands that have won people’s heart by simply asking the consumer what makes them stay with the brand; is it the jargon that suits them? Is it because the product has made their life easier or feels happier? By finding your brand’s purpose, you’re one step ahead from other competitors to win your consumers’ hearts. As the famous quote already stated, “If people share values with a brand company, they will stay loyal to a brand.”

2. A careless tongue (or fingers!) can be more dangerous than a sword; your words are your bond so don’t break it or you break your company

In this digital world, word to word marketing still exists and works like wonder meanwhile we are demanded to be present and active on social media too. To face this case, you have to carefully craft your words on behalf of your brand’s marketing, both in real life and on internet; because worst case that could be happening is that your brand’s reputation will be at risk because of careless wording or worst, cursing, kind of social media’s status or face to face marketing. Because, well, it takes 20 years to build a reputation and just five minutes to ruin it.

3. Every brand has their own personality so get to know yours well

This one is kind of tricky because you have to be distinguishable from other brands in order to win people’s attention toward your brand’s personality. You should learn about your targeted customers first so you are able to decide what kind of personality and tone that suits them best. Also don’t forget that the personality itself should be mirroring the values that your brand brings, so it shoots at the right people.

4. Your branding starts inside from your company; win your employees first

As the digital world revolves, we start to see familiar employer-branding things; the branding one company does to attract the potential employers in the future by showing the positive advantages of working within the company through those @lifeats social media. We agree that it’s important to show the world that it’s fun and cool to work with you, but never forget that the very first step of branding should start inside from your company by treating your employees well. Congratulate them on their birthdays. Give them space to speak their ideas during meetings. By concerning this tiny, small matter, it’s not impossible to have your employees talking about the advantages they gain during working with your brand.

5. Break the rules; be creative

When you read the subtitle ‘break the rules’, we’re not telling you violate the law (guys, please smile at this sentence :D), but we’re suggesting you to not to be way too rigid when it comes to rules and just be as flexible as possible because that’s how we become more creative. When you’re flexible and more liberated on doing branding things, we believe that there's more space in the room to be creative and increase your chance of solving your brand’s problems.

Those are five tips Konekc could give to you on branding. It might seem easy but it actually needs a lot of work and here at Konekc we can help you on earning your brand’s presence amidst such a strong competition in this digital world. May you have questions on this topic, we’re here to help you:)