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Copywriter vs UX Writer: The Difference You Should Know Before You Want to Hire (or, be) One

Ever wonder the difference between copywriters and UX writers? Here Konekc sums up what they do to help your company grow. Check it out!

As the digital world is growing rapidly, UX writers become more popular and almost always available at the job-market. But what does exactly a UX writer do and what makes it different from the infamous copywriter role?

1. The content they produce

In a glance, we can immediately know what kind of content the copywriters produce. Yup, you’re right; they produce copy. No, they don’t do imitation (the thing that your high-school friends might do to do their homeworks…), but copywriters write a written material, alongside with some graphic and/or photograph for a purpose that they want the readers to take after reading the copy.

Meanwhile the UX writers, like the name, user experience, do design and structure proper wording to guide users. Their content’s name is microcopy. Yes, it’s also a copy, but in a micro size since it only contains approximately three paragraphs in general.

2. The purpose of their writing

As stated before, copywriters write copy to hypnotize the readers to do some actions after they read it. Most of the time, copywriters do it for sale purposes. The promotion paragraph you see in the advertisements that make you don’t think twice to join the hype of end-year sales? Yes, that’s what copywriters want you to do after reading their works.

As for the UX writers, they want you to fully understand what you have to do during your journey and/or experience in an application or a website to accomplish a goal, hence their writings are user-centered.

3. The work mates they work with

Even though these roles have writer title in it, it doesn’t mean that they work within the same team since the goal of their writings are completely different. UX Writer works with the design team, for the fact that they design simple words and flow of guidelines through an application or a website. Meanwhile, a copywriter works with the marketing team, for the fact that their goal is to persuade people to buy or use a product and/or a service.

Now that you know the difference field of UX Writer and Copywriter, we hope you can work with them seamlessly and miraculously lead your consumers to use your brand, because one persuades them to use it and one tells them how to use it. If you need assistance on either persuading or guiding your consumers regarding your brand or products, you can always Konekc anytime.:)