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Digital Marketing For Small Business: Why Is It Important?

Digital marketing is basically a marketing strategy performed through electronic media and devices in conveying promotional messages. The forms of promotion are photos, videos, advertisements, social media posts and so on. Back then, people mostly marketed their products through traditional marketing. We can see advertisements in newspapers, printed magazines, tabloids, and billboards. Today, similar advertisements will appear on digital platforms.

It's interesting to see how technology keeps growing and giving many advantages for business owners. Then, what kind of business can utilize digital marketing to increase profits? Don't worry, regardless of how big or small the size of a business is, digital marketing can be used by anyone. So, even small business owners don't need to hesitate to jump into digital marketing to grow their business.

Now, let's see how digital marketing can be beneficial for your business. In Indonesia, the emergence of small businesses is increasing every day. Many people start their steps from small-scale businesses. If you are one of them, digital marketing should be in your consideration. Although some small business owners may find obstacles in digital knowledge, digital marketing can facilitate the marketing process so that small businesses can grow faster. Therefore, the owners need to understand the benefits of digital marketing. See the explanation below:

1. Reach Out Larger Audience

As promotional content published on digital platforms can be accessed by anyone from anywhere, your marketing will also reach larger people. In Indonesia, specifically, this will work because of the high number of internet users. According to the Ministry of Communication and Information (KOMINFO), internet users in Indonesia as of early 2021 had reached 202.6 million. With this high number, digital marketing surely is the right strategy to do. There are many digital marketing channels you can choose, whether it's email, google ads, facebook, and other platforms, which can simplify your way to reach audiences. By creating an effective strategy, you are able to adjust the promotional messages to different audiences. This kind of profit will greatly contribute to your small business.

2. Build Good and Long-lasting Relationships with Customers

There are several things that you must pay attention to in keeping your customers loyal while at the same time attracting new customers. When you implement digital marketing, dealings with the customers will continue after purchase. There will be a follow-up process such as testimony. Get testimonials from your satisfied customers. You can post these testimonials on your social media to support the feasibility of your product. After that, you may also send a thank you message to customers who have purchased your product. Additionally, whether one has shopped or left your store after browsing, keep engaging so they will remember your products and come back to them next time.

3. Learning Market Demand

Digital marketing can help small business owners in learning about market demand and finding the right target. This is possible if you use digital tools to do research on your customers' needs. Try to make use of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, and other digital tools to help you identify who your ideal customers are, what they need, and lead them to buy your products. This process can improve your ability to create specific marketing for specific targets.

4. Make Your Small Business Competitive

Don't worry too much about competing with other businesses out there, even with the big ones. Low budget is usually a barrier for small businesses to develop. Nonetheless, you don't really need to spend so much money for campaigns. The most important thing you need to have is a deep understanding of your target audiences and your business. When you have reached it, let digital marketing help you realize the growth of your small business. A successful campaign is not only about how much budget you spend, but also how effectively you can perform the marketing to compete with other businesses.

5. Affordable Cost

In marketing, not every small business can afford advertising costs for radio, TV or billboards. For this reason, digital marketing is relatively more affordable than such traditional marketing. You are allowed to decide which platform fits your needs and adjust your budget based on affordable advertising packages provided by the platform.

Those are the reasons why digital marketing is important for a small business and some benefits you will get for your business. Today, digital marketing is nothing new or expensive for small business owners. By knowing the right technique, you will get maximum results. Get started with your marketing today and get ready to grow!