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Engagement is The Key: Tips on Increasing Your Engagement on Social Media

Woohoo! We hear keep the engagement with your followers high so often, yet it’s a continuous work to do so. Here’s some tips Konekc can give to you regarding this matter. Check it out!

1. Know your audience

This is a pivotal step to do. Seems easy, but you have to conduct simple research first to know what’s the thing that keeps your audiences stay for your account. We encourage you to ask them what they want from your account. For example, you can post a quick quiz on your Instagram story to ask your followers about it.

2. Don’t beg for likes

We know that likes are the parameter you can count on regarding a post on social media, but begging your followers to always like whatever content you upload is something very risky to do. It’s always best to do it safely with working on your content, find the ones that your audiences will support the most so you get the likes naturally from them.

3. Be humane

Engage with your followers wholeheartedly. By wholeheartedly, it means that you reply to your followers’ message and feedback in a non-robotic way. Avoid using monotone templates. In fact, you can even joke around casually with your followers, depending on the occasion you’re in. It’s not impossible that they might like it and do mouth-to-mouth marketing unconsciously, telling that they like your brand because of the way you appear on social media.

4. Post consistently and frequently

As for this one, you should have a content planner so you can keep up with the schedule you already made so there’s no miss between the content and the time they should be posted. You can use many applications to do this, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, and Hashtagify. Just pick ones that you think will suit your business best.

5. Use hashtag but don’t overdo it

Some social media might allow their users to follow certain hashtags on the timeline, but it doesn’t mean that you can put too many hashtags in a post.

Increasing engagement is a continuous process you must always maintain, therefore it’s okay to keep trying and testing which style will suit your brand best. If you hesitate regarding this matter, you can always hit Konekc up anytime!