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How To Choose Influencers For Your Business?

Influencers have become one of the information centers that have an impact on society. They can come from celebrities, political figures, YouTubers or public figures who have expertise in certain fields.

The influence exerted by influencers provides opportunities for business owners to promote their products to the wider community.

However, choosing influencers is not easy, because it will have an impact on sales and also the brand image provided by the community. Then, how do you choose the right influencer?

Here are the things you must pay attention to when choosing influencers!

1. Reputation

As one of the 'faces' of your product, an influencer with a good reputation will certainly produce positive personal branding in the eyes of the public. This will be able to help your business build good branding too.

2. Match with the target market

Choosing influencers that match the target market is useful for knowing the consumer group, so that the promotional steps you take will be right on target!

3. Engagement

Engagement or interest is an important element in choosing an influencer. Having a large number of followers is not a benchmark for the right influencer! One way to measure engagement is through the web planx.com which is the web 'Instagram Engagement Calculator'. This way, you can measure how influencers will reach your target market.

4. Content

As an influencer, it is very important to be active in social media. However, this can be bad for your product content too. The more frequently influencers upload content, the more your products will pile up at the bottom. On the other hand, influencer engagement can fade if you rarely upload content. Therefore, you must pay attention to influencers in managing posts.

5. Cooperation agreement

After understanding the 4 points above, the last thing is to make a good cooperation agreement. Both parties are obliged to mention details such as rights and obligations in order to avoid misunderstanding.

You need to remember that influencers can bring a positive image to a brand or product. Research in choosing influencers, so that the company's reputation can be maintained. So, is the influencer of your choice right?