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SEO vs PPC: Which is Right for Your Business?

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

A marketer must consider a digital marketing strategy, such as the use of SEO or PPC for their business. Both SEO and PPC have the same goal of increasing traffic. But the methodology is different. It’s better to recognize the pros and cons of SEO and PPC, so that the business can grow appropriately.

Are you curious about the difference between SEO and PPC? Do you want to know which is the best for your business? Let’s find out!


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website’s visibility to get organic, or unpaid, results on a search engine result page (SERP). To succeed at increasing your website’s visibility, you need to understand how SEO works.

The Pros of SEO

  1. Easy on your wallet. Although you must pay for influencers to boost your business, you won’t pay any cents for ‘click’.

  2. Your ranking is more stable. Your rankings remain consistent if you keep optimizing your website.

  3. Raise your brand awareness. More stable and consistent your ranking on search engine, it can help build trust and brand authority.

The Cons of SEO

  1. It takes time to see the results, especially for a new business or domain.

  2. SEO is a continuous process, so it will need to optimize regularly.

  3. Search engine algorithms often change.


Pay per click (PPC) is a form of search engine marketing (SEM), where you must pay when someone clicks on your ad. PPC enables your website to get high traffic in a faster way.

The Pros of PPC

  1. Your ads will appear above the organic ranks.

  2. The results come out immediately after your ad is published. You can see the traffic, clicks, and conversions at once.

  3. You can control your target audience. While arranging your PPC ad, you can set your target audiences.

The Cons of PPC

  1. The price tends to be expensive because you must pay for every single ad that your audiences click. The more you pay, the better results you will get.

  2. Lower profit margins.

  3. PPC ads get stale faster after a while.

When is The Best Time to Use SEO?

  • You preferred consistent results. One of the pros of SEO is stability. Once your website gets to the top page of SERP, you will enjoy the sustained results. If you want to keep that ranking for a long time, what you need to do is keep maintaining your website.

  • You want to build authority brand. Although it can take months to rank your website up on the top ranks on search engine, but Google’s organic results can engage more than ten times of clicks than PPC results once you get there.

  • You want to make a content that reaches audience at different stages. Because SEO can’t choose the demographics of the target audience that will see your content, or the regions where your ads will run.

When is The Best Time to Use PPC?

  • You want to get the instant results, in minutes. Your ad will appear in SERP as soon as the campaign or your ad starts.

  • You want to promote a time-sensitive offer, like holiday sale. Promoting about events with an expiration date is a race against time. With PPC, you can set up the time that you want.

  • You want to pinpoint your audiences. You can decide the target audience to your needs, starting from gender, age, and location.

That's the summary that KonekC has prepared for those of you who are curious about the difference between SEO vs PPC.

Hopefully the information above can make you understand more about these two strategies and help you make the right choice for your brand!