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Want to Increase Your Sales? Get to Know About CTA

CTA (Call To Action) is a term that has been widely known in marketing techniques. More importantly if you are promoting digital marketing. By applying this strategy, your website or any other social media will be able to attract more attention from visitors. This strategy is also known to be effective in increasing sales rate. Want to know more about CTA and its benefits for your business? Read more in this article!

CTA is a method used by marketers to attract visitors to take further actions after visiting the website. These actions can be buying products, paying for services offered, signing up to create an account, or subscribing to website services. CTA is useful for increasing the conversion rate of a brand.

CTA usually appears as an image, box, or button display with eye-catching text and colors. These forms must be clearly visible so that they are easily found by website visitors. All those images and buttons will then provoke action from website visitors to click, and then be directed to the purchase page.

How to Make an Effective CTA?

1. Varies

Create CTA with a variety of options, whether it's to read more articles, subscribe to the newsletter, and make a purchase.

2. Interesting Design

Design is essential in determining the visitor will be interested in taking further action. So, make sure the design of images, boxes or buttons on your website will be attractive to the eye. Also, choose suitable fonts that are clear to be read.

3. Pay Attention to Placement

Place your CTA display in the most strategic position on the website page, so that visitors' eyes will immediately stick on it. This will encourage visitors to click.

Types of CTA

1. Lead Generation

In marketing terms, leads are a group of people or companies who are interested in the products you offer. This type of CTA aims to attract these leads. You can display a "sign up" button or pop-up banner to entice them to register on your website.

2. Form Submission

In this form, visitors can enter their personal data. You can add a "sign up" or "submit" button to be placed in the right position.

3. "Read more" Button

In addition to directing purchases, you can also direct visitors to read more articles. This will let them explore your website content and improve website traffic statistics.

4. Product or Service Discovery

When visitors are interested in your products that appear on the website, it's time for you to bring up the "buy now!" or "register yourself right now!" button.

5. Social Sharing

If visitors like your website articles, you can help them to share to other platforms by displaying the "share" button, which is provided with a choice of several social media they prefer to.

6. Lead Nurturing

This type is intended for leads who haven't made transactions. You can give an offer in the form of "sign up for a free trial!" So they are interested in trying it first before subscribing.

7. Closing the Sale

Now it's time for you to persuade the leads to become customers. In this case, you have to focus on selling by using persuasive words to attract them to make a purchase.

8. Event Promotion

If your company is holding an event, you can also promote it on the website. In order for this CTA to be viewable, you should place it on your dashboard, login, or other places frequently viewed by visitors.

That's a brief explanation of the CTA that you can apply on your website. This method will also help you increase your company sales.